Ambulance Tracking

Ambulance which saves souls will have the great benefits of using Vehicle Tracking System to make on-time ambulance availability. The system helps to locate the geographical position of emergency and to find the nearest available ambulance. Ensures ambulance reaching the site in the shortest possible time to save lives.

System facilitates

  • Live tracking assists manager to
    • make the ambulance available at the earliest by assessing traffic and suggesting appropriate route
    • improve the ambulance utilization and reduce idle time of ambulance
    • monitor Speed and movement of ambulance for safety of patient
  • Location based notifications, Daily trips report, daily speed report, distance travelled report, AC start and stop information, ignition start and stop information
  • Decreased Overtime
  • Historical reports and analytics helps to avoid negligence of drivers and improve the performance of ambulance services
  • Asset telematics customizes the system as per the need and provides outstanding support to ensure well-organized customer’s ambulance service