BPO Vehicle

Success of BPO business majorly attributes to on-time availability of employee. Since business runs for 24/7, organization needs to plan shifts, facilitate employee commutation and safety. As the business grows, number vehicles needs to be tracked and monitored which would be clumsy to manage, Asset Telematics’ GPS vehicle tracking system eases vehicle dispatching and monitoring vehicle status. It facilitates active and passive vehicle tracking.

System enables the organization using,

  • GPS technology,
    • to track vehicle location, speed, Ignition on/off, AC on/off, route, fuel consumption and safety of employees which is high priority
    • to optimize vehicle routes and performance
    • to keep an electronic record of mileage and location, eliminating the need for manual trip sheets
    • to monitor multiple vehicles on computer maps simultaneously
    • to track speed and to reduce accidents
    • to monitor driver’s behavior
  • Geo-fences configured in the system, helps to predict most accurate pickup, drop timings and alert the employees
  • RFID technology, to track and notify employee location in office and if employee boarded vehicle on-time. This helps organization to plan alternative arrangements for that employee
  • Real-time and historical reports helps management
    • to analyze and optimize conveyance of employees and usage of BPO vehicles
    • to control operating costs and to maximize profit margin