Become A Dealer

We at Asset Telematics constantly looking to expand our network of local dealers, and to find new dealers who wish to participate in the success of our advanced GPS Tracking System in the growing market.

What is a local dealer?

A local dealer/partner is a company that offers Asset Telamatics Advanced Vehicle Tracking solutions, in its geographical area.

What type of services a dealer offers to its clients?

The dealers may offer to their clients either one or more of the following:

  • Vehicle Tracking Service
  • Person or Pet Tracking Service
  • Fleet Management Service

Who are the potential clients?

  • For Vehicle Tacking Services, the potential clients are.. Commercial Companies like Logistic, Transportation, Schools, Tourist operators, Car leasing, Taxi operators and Mining.
  • Insurance companies, Public service fleets like Buses, Ambulances, Police and security services.
  • Individual clients

What is the business model?

The business model is usually either to sell the GPS Tracker, and charge the clients for a monthly fee. The core of the business is the monthly fees, which provides the dealer, within a short period of time, a profitable service - a service that creates a loyal community for a long time.

Can I present the system as part of my company and under by own brand name?

Yes, of course. Moreover, the fleet management application which the end client will use may be customized to appear with your logo, colour pattern, and language.

What is available to you as a dealer?

  • Attractive commercial packages
  • Full sales training
  • Full after sales support
  • Technical support and dedicated customer service
  • An industry leading product
  • Large sales commission