Logistic Vehicle:

For field service, logistics and transportation industries, road safety and accurate ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is always an important factor on their success. Asset Telematics with the years of experiences in Trace and Track solutions can provide wide range of solutions that benefits our customers from planning, scheduling, security to monitoring. Adapting the latest technology in RFID and communications, Asset Telematics’ Vehicle Tracking Solution enables the administrator to track and trace the positions of a particular vehicle as well as informing them when any assistance is needed.

Container Tracking Solution Highlights:

  •  Advanced active RFID technology: Provides additional security compared to traditional bolt seal.
  •  Centralized information system: : With the positioning data return by network, and the vehicle data will be displayed to appropriate street map for fleet management and monitoring.
  •  Time saving: : All required information can be kept in e-seal. This eliminates the need for numerous paperworks and checking.
  •  Tamper proof: Ensures that highly priced goods are not being tampered. System will automatically alert the administrator once it detects that the container have been tampered. An event log will also be saved enabling the administrator to view the date and time of the tampering.
  •  Advanced security:Only authorized persons are allowed to unlock the seal. Using the similar methodology of a door lock, only a person with the "key" are allowed opening the e-seal. When other person tries to open the seal forcibly, it will register an event log and inform the administrator of such tampering.

The system can be integrated to user with different phases, from "low cost, high efficient" basic hardware and system setup, "Improved Security" based on platform established, to the final "value-added service" and increase the ROI of the user.