Personal Tracking

GPS tracking service tracks personal vehicles and ensure the safety of family members driving the vehicles. In addition to tracking of the vehicle, the tracker provides the members of thefamily an option to raise an alarm in case of emergencies, during the driving.Also, our watch tracker device which resembles a digital wrist watch keeps track of your family members when they are not in a vehicle. This tracking is possible for each and every location including indoor, open areas, parks, pool sides to name a few.

From any computer or mobile device, operator will be able to monitor,

  • the location of the vehicles as well as family members
  • deviations from the defined path
  • movements in-out of geo-fences
  • in real time as well as from historical data, about
  • excessive speeds, rapid breaking or prolonged idle times of the vehicle which indicate the driving patterns of the family members.
  • To spy on anyone