GPS Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking is one of the major challenges for organizations that are growing rapidly. As the organization grows, volume of assets and information about each asset increases. Locating and maintaining the history of assets may become unmanageable and it may cause for loss of assets and productivity. Asset tracking solution simplifies the asset tracking process.

Asset Telematics pvt ltd. provides a sophisticated web based product called ‘Asset Management System (AMS)’ to track and maintain assets whether those are fixed or mobile. Asset telematics provides a device to fix to the asset and their software application (AMS) helps to track the assets.

AMS is comprehensive and has easy to use interface. System is tightly integrated with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), RFID and with Satellite based technologies (GIS & GPS) for location information. System can be accessed using browser, smart phones and industrial mobile devices.

System enables organization to,

  • Track multiple assets in one shot on computer maps
  • Alert drivers and owners of assets as per the need
  • Recover stolen equipment with our tamper proof, hidden, battery powered (additional supply) GPS tracking system.
  • Avoid wrong claims by the person availed the vehicles or own staff
  • Real time alerts/notifications on mobile or computer
  • Download and print detailed reports to meet all reporting requirements for billing etc.
  • Decrease diesel expenses by monitoring and/or coaching driver behavior on idling, excess braking, speeding. Also, this helps in maintaining the vehicle in a good condition
  • Invoice accurately for the exact usage of the vehicle or the equipment either by time or the distance