Fleet Tracking

Fleet management is most important business function for the organizations which depend more on their vehicles movement. Their bottom line directly depends on the efficiency of vehicle tracking. Well managed Fleet tracking along with service alerts can improve utilization and performance, reduce capital costs and operating costs, extend vehicle life and subsequently improve ROI (return on investments).

Asset Telematics’ GPS tracking system is comprehensive, time centric, flexible and scalable solution for fleet tracking with interactive voice response (IVR).

Typical Features

Typical features of the system are listed here which are customizable as per the customer need:

  • Track Locate individual vehicle or complete fleet in one shot
  • Track real-time or historical view of the route traversed
  • Detailed live information of fleet such as Ignition, Speed, AC, Temp, etc.
  • Creation of Geo-fences and track the fleet as per the Geo-fence and alert drivers and owners accordingly
  • Facilitates number of reports like Fuel Consumption, Stoppage, Ignition, Speed, Distance, AC, etc.
  • Notifies/Alerts driver or owner through messages (SMS) as per the pre-set requests
  • Active or passive Reports can be sent in mail or Admin and other users can track the information by logging into system