Heavy Equipment Tracking

GPS tracking service brings in immense impact on the performance of an organization which deals with heavy equipment. Capital costs will be very high in these organization and tracking of their equipment helps to increase their bottom-line. Locate equipment & operators and monitor how they are being used at the work place. When circumstances change, can easily re-route vehicles and dispatch nearby equipment.

Mining, construction, automotive, etc., sectors will handle more of heavy equipment. This system delivers constructive, real-time information about the equipment on a standard or custom map image. Geo-fences can be created and monitored in-out of the equipment. Simply install the Asset telematics’ or any other GPS tracking device in the equipment, plug a Windows PC and begin tracking of the equipment.

Efficient monitoring of the equipment,

  • Improves the utilization, performance and life-time of the equipment
  • Reducesthe idle time and haphazard handling of the equipment
  • Locate & Track valuable asset and avoid theft or attempt to destroy
  • Alarm operator on speed, idle, and location violations
  • Optimization of operational costs by reducing Idle time and Fuel Expenses