Asset Telematics Pvt Ltd.

was incorporated for the purpose of commercializing a unique line of wireless products and innovative software. Asset Telematics designs, develops and manufactures wireless telematics products for vehicles and personal use. The products operate with our unique innovative software for the purpose of providing a vast variety of comprehensive solutions and services for administrative and business applications, as well as safety and security services for the individual user.

Our business strategy

Asset Telematics Business model has two alternatives:

Turn Key Solution

which allows the local operator to get revenues quickly with minimum risk and minimum expenses. Asset Telematics develops partnerships and strategic alliances with local partners. Asset Telematics is keen to cooperate with local partners from all over the world in order to establish a local operation for security and fleet application.

OEM Solutions for existing AVL providers that are looking for new technologies or new vendor in the software and/or hardware aspect.