School Bus Tracking

Now a days, parents’ expectations from school have been too high. Primarily school needs to ensure student’s security and respect parents’ time. But current city traffic is too unpredictable and children have more freedom and less security. GPS school bus tracking system will be very helpful for schools in ensuring their responsibility.

Asset Telematics GPS Vehicle tracking for school buses supports to manage bus operations and monitor vehicle Status.

  • By enabling Geofencing facility, parents are notified in advance with accurate bus pickup and drop off timings.
  • Ensures child’s security by using RFID technology, parents are notified when the kid board the bus at the school.
    • In case, the kid boards wrong bus, parents and Tracking management are alerted through SMS, using the RFID technology
  • Monitor all vehicles with their location and route navigation. System,
    • Notifies when bus fails to follow specified route
    • Notifies when a vehicle fails to leave or return on schedule
    • Helps to identify miss-used vehicles, unauthorized behavior, speeding, etc.
  • Real-time and historical data enable operators to optimize bus routes and to reduce fuel consumption, to decrease overtime and to increase driver’s productivity
  • School management can take right and on time decisions by viewing real-time and historical trip reports which can be sent through email
  • Bus location, speed, ignition on/off, AC on/off and fuel calibration reports can be received by operators and school management through email
  • System can be easily configured to send email or SMS, or alert operators when rules are violated
  • System can be integrated to the school website allowing parents to use their IDs provided by the school to know the bus location, route, boarding information, etc.