GPS Vehicle Tracking

Success of Logistics and Transport companies majorly depend on the extent of Vehicle Tracking. Asset Telematics GPS Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is unique of its kind and supports all leading GPS tracking devices. Our GPS tracking service tracks your transport vehicles and ensures the safety of staff/drivers associated with the vehicles. System provides current location, travel route, real-time and detailed trip information of vehicles. In addition to tracking of the vehicle, the tracker provides the customers an option to raise an alarm in case of emergencies.

From any computer or mobile device, operator can monitor the location of vehicles, deviations from the defined path and so on. Real time and historical data can be obtained about the excessive speeds, rapid breaking or prolonged idle times of the vehicle which indicate the driving patterns.

System facilitates operator with,

  • Real time tracking of customer's vehicles
  • Vehicle current location maps with detailed information
  • Vehicle travel path history maps for upto 15 days or as needed
  • All vehicles current location map with location and speed information
  • Comprehensive Trip Information Report for the entire fleet
  • Comprehensive Route Analytics
  • Vehicle Fuel calibration and Fuel consumption reports
  • Reports on vehicle temperature, vehicle AC checking, vehicle ignition on and off,
  • Geo-fence and location based notifications (alerts) such as arrival information, station entry, station exit etc by Phone, SMS or Email
  • Daily Trips Report
  • Daily Speeding Report
  • Distance Travelled in Kilometers Report
  • Stops with duration Report
  • Restricted Driving Hours Report.