Become a Corporate Data Scientist

In this world of data revolution, become a corporate data scientist in 100 days

In the last few decades Data science is emerging and expanding as one of the largest mainstream industry. An average salary of a data scientist is 10 LPA which is roughly 13% higher than the average salaries of the other counterparts. But with increase in demand and the trending market solutions are quick solutions for discreet problems so the industries and corporations focus on data scientists who are not only theoretically sound but can actually solve a problem for the business.

In collaboration with Colaberry Inc. and Infogrex technologies, we provide an online corporate data science course for aspiring students and corporate delegates who want to make a mark on the industry and become an advocate for solving problems analytically.

The course duration is for 4 months and after completing the course you will learn to handle, analyze and take informed decisions based on the data entropy using Python as tool to bring smarter solutions to the industry.

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