Devices » FMB920

The FMB920 is a compact & smart tracking device with Bluetooth connectivity and integrated backup battery. It is used mostly by the vehicle rental industry and also for temperature monitoring in cold chain management systems. Comes with a digital I/O interface which is connected to the API and an ignition sensor built in battery which can prompt and immobilize the vehicle, even if the power line is cut.

Features Supported:

Real-time tracking


Harsh Breaking and Acceleration detection

Eco Driving detection

Crash Detection

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Stoppage and Idling report

Analog Fuel Monitoring/Reports

Tracking History


Technical Specifications:

One Digital Inputs

(Ignition & AC On/Off Status)

One Analog Input

(Analog Fuel Monitoring)

One Digital Output


Internal Antenna


Internal battery backup

(Li-Ion backup 4 to 6 hours)

Internal Memory