Monitor your food supply chain

Efficient food supply chain or cold chain management systems achieved through our product Prime-Durian

Food supply chain is complex collective of diverse businesses that supply the food consumed by a population. Due to the increase in demand and high competition, producers, manufacturers, distributors are under pressure to deliver their products to the market quickly and at the same time, maintaining the quality of the product to reach safely to the expected destination.

Three major problems faced by the supply chain industries are:

One stop solution for a better procedure to monitor food supply chain

From Asset Telematics, we have recognized this problem as a major threat to a business in this field. We manufacture telematic products for various industries and our products provide an eagle view of the problem and at the same time provides solutions to our partners.

Our product ET300, popularly known as Prime-Durian due to its durability and multiple features is a statistically found to provide better solutions in the context of the above mentioned problems. Some of the features of the product address the major problems we face in the food supply chain industry: