1. I want to know more about vehicle tracking as I want to start the bussiness?

Yes , we will explain all the details and share the details in mail also. For more details you can visit my website(https://www.assettl.com/).

2. Can i speak directly with the driver through the GPS device?

Yes, Possible with our AT1211 Two-way communication MIC.

3. I'm interested in doing bussiness of fleet management and vehicle tracking, how can I be your distributor?

You can come to office and fill the agreement and pay the dealership amount and we will give the training .(Or Possibly you can reach to our nearest branch)

4. We need VTS along with SMS, Relay.

Yes, We can provide solution with Immobilizer(SMS relay)

5. I need a basic tracking device please give the details along with the price.

Yes, we can send the details in mail as per client requirement.

6. Can we fix the GPS device to the bikes?


7. Send me the details of FMB920 devices.

We will send all the device models in mail or you can Visit my Website(https://www.assettl.com/)

8. I would like to know more about the functionalities of your devices, please get in touch to discuss more specifically.

We will send device specifications and features.

9. We need an advanced tracking device with fuel and mobile alerts?

Yes, It’s possible with the AT1211 Device.

10. We have few dredgers which will move only few meters in a whole day and the distance in meters is very important to us in terms of fuel, will the GPS gives the travelled meters accurately even under water?

Yes, we can give

11. I want to fix a GPS device which gives fuel status, provide the details ?

Yes, we can fix the AT1211 model device by that you can get the fuel values and alerts also

12. what are the benefits will i get, if i take the dealership with your company ?

We will send the all enquiries to you , which we have received from allotted area. We will Provide the training and brochures and e-marketing. Prices also different for customer and Dealer.

13. Please share if any cases where the vehicle cannot be tracked ?

You can call to my call center and they will check and trace out the issue and fix the problem. If it is GPRS signal problem, device can store the data and send the data to server, once it will get the signal.

14. Will you provide Mobile App for the Vehicle Tracking System ?


15. Provide the details of Personal Trackers with price ?

We will mail you the details otherwise you can visit my website.

16. Can I block my vehicle if there is no necessary to use it for few days to avoid misuse of the vehicle by my driver?

Yes, you can remove the device and install, whenever you want to track your vehicle.

17. Can i track my all 15 Vehicels with Single Device?

No, it can not possible. We need to get device in each vehicle.

18. Can i track my mobile Phone?

Yes, you can track your mobile with our asset mobile app.

19. I need a Gps tracker with Camera (in and out).

We can Provide, but it will take time, because it is under development.

Can i get temperature in every minute.

Yes, you can get temperature also for this we have to install temperature sensor additionally.

21. CanI get data to my server?

Yes, we can send the data to your sever in the format of XML file using some API

22. Can you integrate your GPS application data to my ERP system.

Yes, we can integrate.