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What is Telematics?

Telematics is the method of monitoring an asset(car, truck, heavy equipment or a ship) by using on-board diagnostics to record and analyze on a digital interface of a computerized map.

Try to imagine an intelligent computer aligned with your vehicle which can report every detail of the vehicle- from speed and idling, usage of fuel, inside temperature and more. Analysis of this information can lead to saving on maintenance costs, improving fuel efficiency and much more.

Asset Telematics: The Game changer

For the last 11 years in the industry we are are not only one of the leaders in the telematic domain but we also came up with our five in-house products which has evolved from time to time. These devices with wide range functionalities are used in different industries like fleet management, cold chain management, construction industry and many more.

Our user interface software with which we can monitor the assets are rated “Telecom Grade” in the market which has an accuracy as 99.99%. Apart from that, the software is extremely user friendly so that there is an increase in efficiency and decrease in recurrent maintenance cost.

Our products are being used in different domains
Vehicle rentals
Cold chain management
Taxi dispatch system
Schools and colleges
Construction Industry
Fleet management systems
Employee transportation systems
Container tracking systems
Fuel Monitoring
Policing Systems
Personal use

We also provide a complete software support for all the devices with which the monitoring and maintenance becomes efficient. The software is user-friendly so that everyone can use.

Field wise device allocation:
  • FMB920- Cold Chain Management, Construction Industry, Vehicle Rentals, Logistics
  • Timbershake- Schools and colleges, Employee monitoring system, Fuel management, Construction industry
  • KitSteak- Fleet Management systems, Construction industry, Cold chain, Container tracking systems
  • Prime-Durian- Schools and colleges, employee transportation systems
  • ET300- Fleet Management, fuel monitoring, taxi dispatch systems

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