Most truck owners still manage their operations using telephone communication and paper work resulting in complex workflows, poor performance and lower profits. Trucking business owners can easily get overwhelmed by the number of tasks that they have to perform to get a shipment right. Taking new load orders, assigning them to the right drivers, ensuring timely deliveries, managing emergencies etc.

The majority of the businesses still use phone calls from brokers to get new business, wasting a lot of valuable time that can be allocated to other crucial business functions.

Fleet dispatch


Customer Bookings

Customers experience to a good service experience. Offering a booking mobile app to customer ensures a much better shipment booking experience. Carriers get more business from existing customers and acquire new ones, overall growing their business faster.

Driver App

Drivers app to get new load pickup and drop requests from their customers. This gives them much more flexibility and simplicity. They get a new request, have the choice to accept or reject and get on the trip as per the schedule.

Dashboards & Notifications

For a quick glance of a customer we are providing order statistics and fleet statistics dashboards. Once booking confirmed, the customer gets real-time alerts on the progress from truck arrival to delivery.


Trucking business owners can track their drivers and trucks in real-time from their admin panel. They can monitor predefined routes, set speed limits and track any violations. Monitoring of real time truck live locations on map.

Billing & Payments

Customers get a proper receipt detailing the charges. The upfront fare feature ensures no surprises.


Business Intelligence reports should bring meaningful and actionable visibility to data and trends. Reporting drives cost savings and continuous improvement KPI measurements.