We play a flexible game. Engaging with us need not be so black and white; we accommodate your ever-changing needs. Irrespective of size, business requirements, cost or time, our commitment to forming long-lasting relationships encourages us to meet your standards. Choose from the following models or consult with us to reach an understanding of what suits you best;

Project based model

  • A fixed time-and-cost engagement model is most suitable for small/medium project sizes with low-risk overhead.
  • Less oversight on part of the client; allowing your business to focus on what matters while we handle and assure the deliverables.
  • We manage end-to-end development as per project requirements. Regular updates over the project pipeline will be shared with the client up till delivery.
  • The most preferred model with the ability to freeze project scope, timeline and cost.

Advantages of Project Based Model

  • Manageable project cost and delivery.
  • Low risk associated with unforeseen project deliverables and costs.
  • Ability to freeze project scope; make changes according to the direction your business grows.
  • A predictable and reliable mode of engagement.

Time & Material model

  • Cost of service is incurred by clients only as their project continues to develop.
  • Team of diverse talent with a wide range of skills deployed.
  • A transparent model of progress-based cost incursion with more client control over methodology and timeline
  • Suitable for complex, time consuming projects with no set requirements (high degree of changes in scope required)
  • Cost dependant on the number and time that resources are deployed for.
  • Flexible resource allocation with short notice.
  • Well-structured project management and reporting process.
  • Regularly generated task sheets.


  • Model allows for flexible resourcing and change in scope.
  • Ideal for big, long-term projects that cannot have predictable delivery time-lines.
  • Large project oversight given to clients, where new deliverables may be added according to changing scopes.
  • Specifications and enhancement can be negotiated at any phase of the project.

Build your own team

Get all the perks of a development team without any of the associated costs. Asset Tech Labs has competent talent pools of BA, UI/UX Designers, Developers, Architects, Project Managers and QA Engineers with expertise in full project life-cycle. Our people can enable products in domains like Logistics, Insurance, Banking/Finance, Automobile, Healthcare, ISV, Retail and Manufacturing. We are flexible in where we deploy (Onsite, Onshore or Offshore in our India-based office). Any combination of the three is achievable as well. Once again, we hope to accommodate as much as we can to your requirements.

  • Hire dedicated resource/s on hourly rate or fixed monthly-price basis.
  • Provide us with your required skill sets and we can allocate our resources to fit that position. Any assessments can be made to ascertain the quality of our experts.
  • Fully able to integrate our resources as an effective part of your core delivery team.
  • Expert(s)/team(s) will work under your direct supervision.
  • Work practices/policies/methodologies can be determined by you.


Get multiple skill-sets under one-roof Save up to half of all costs associated with such development by hiring dedicated offshore resources
Free shadow resources to be deployed on the project in case of any emergency Freely scalable resource volume based on your project deliverable requirements.
No charge for replacing any resource Offshore delivery center set up at zero investment
Dedicated mobile test lab with 100+ physical and cloud devices