“Your vision with our expertise”
“Our mission is to build customer-centric products that empower your business. Our Agile processes allow you to be closely involved in every step of the development process.”

Product Engineering Team

We help our clients to develop and leverage innovation not only to develop new products but also to modernize their existing products. Product Development outsourcing with Asset Telematics enables you to achieve faster time to market, optimize design cycle time, best practices in product architecture and development, and notable lower costs. Our Product Engineering Service team leverages the expertise of AI, DevOps, Automation and other technical expertise to optimize the development effort, QA cycle time while giving the businesses a competitive edge. We have hands-on experience with the latest tech stacks, best practices and well-equipped labs to ensure your team is delivering the highest quality digital product.

Product Engineering Services

Our product engineering services are fueled with strong expertise in various tech-stack and platforms,
modern product architecture design, development practices,
tool expertise and quality assurance scales for an array of software requirements that help in optimizing investment and delivery time.

Product Engineering Consulting

Evaluating best-suiting tech-stack with product architecture reviews, and product transformation options. End to end assessment for establishing customer centric innovation labs (AI, ML & IoT connected devices).

Product/Platform Development

Product development is in our DNA and we cover all stages of product development life cycle – from detailed planning to Development, Testing, Release, Rollout & Support. We offer self-managed product that helps you to achieve both outstanding quality and fast time to market.

Product Modernization

Embrace the digital revolution, deploy latest technology and keep pace with innovation. We can help with Technology Upgrade, UX renovation, Social, Mobility, Data Analytics and Cloud Migration services.

Product Testing

Product testing is not only crucial to detect and fix the errors and bugs, but it also ensures that the development process follows a well-planned and effective approach. We can help with Functional, Automation, Mobile, DevTestOps, Performance, Security & IoT Testing services.

Deployment & Implementation Support

Our delivery team has refined an effective continuous delivery process that emphasizes comprehensive, automated testing before any code is integrated or deployed. We catch code errors and deploy iterations much faster by establishing an organized central code repository with version control and rollback.

Product Maintenance

As a pure play product development vendor we can assist you at every phase of product development. Our support service stack includes Tech Support, Cloud Migration, Deployment & Maintenance, DevOps, Production Support and Voice/Chat based Helpdesk.

Cloud Migration

Our Cloud Migration services enable you to implement your enterprise level cloud vision strategy with a well-defined, risk-free approach for full-stack migration, while placing a solid security foundation for continuous performance improvements and DevOps.

DevOps Services

Our DevOps consulting services modernize your development and operations processes to enable you to achieve a faster time to market. DevOps is a collaborative way of developing and deploying software, we help organizations to align with their goals, promptly and consistently to produce high-quality software-based products and services.


We know the mobility needs of our clients and offer them Mobile App connectivity and services across a wide variety of products ranging from Smart phones and Tablets to Speakers, infotainment gadgets, digital cameras and GPRS/asset management devices. We offer mobility services across all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows mobile, Blackberry & HTML5.


We build world-class product leveraging a wide variety of programming languages. Some of the key ones are listed below:

Asset Telematics always intend to assist its clients to achieve a valuable edge by leveraging latest technologies to drive innovation, manage scalability and explore recent market trend. With the key focus on Mobility, Cloud computing and Social technologies we help our clients to accelerate business transformation through a smart, secure and collaborated experience across Enterprise Platforms, Consumer Solutions, Cloud technologies and Internet of Things.

Business Benefits

  • Accelerate product launch & release management
  • Build a nexus between devices and digital systems
  • Drastic reduction on cost of development, migration, maintenance, testing and support
  • Dedicated Centre of Excellence for Mobile, Cloud, UI and QA
  • Innovative engagement models, reusable frameworks and accelerators
  • Agile product development methodology to power customer-centric high-quality applications
  • Minimize the time-to-market of enhanced product-line up